AVA offers a new and inspirational approach to carpet design with over 15 years of experience and portfolio that extends up from India to globally with inspirational designs, innovative textures and refreshing colors in home fashion. Our versatile range of weaves, accessories and many more offers discerning customers a dazzling spectrum of products to satisfy the most demanding of tastes. With the most innovative product range and the highest standards in quality, the use of each thread, fiber and grain speaks a language of luxury.

The creative studio D'Atlier is a hub of designers & artists whose prime focus remains on attention to new trends and experimenting with different shapes and materials. Our qualified in-house design team goes through a long process of working on each detail from design, colors, construction, composition to the final performance of the product. Hence, transforming your requirement, need and desire into a living reality.

AVA boasts an unrivaled collection of the world's most luxurious carpets crafted with high quality material, beautiful designs, textures and colors that hold a secret in each design bringing joy and satisfaction to homes and public spaces.

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